Professional Development Plan

Now that your interdisciplinary Curriculum Unit is in the final stages of design, it is time to think about the next step in this process, implementation. In order to prepare others to implement this curriculum unit effectively, what knowledge and skills are necessary?  What steps now need to be taken to convey the key concepts and expected outcomes of this unit, so it becomes available to fellow educators?After watching the video, Effective Professional Development for Teachers (Teacher Tube: Matthew Nelson), use the key concepts from the video and what you have read about regarding effective and sustainable professional development to design and present a Professional Development for educators either at your home school or at another K-12 school site. The topic of professional development should be the content and strategies that are contained in your Curriculum Unit Project Parts I and II.The professional development should focus on research-based teaching strategies and should emphasize culturally relevant and differentiated instruction. Include specifics regarding session activities, resources, and an evaluation plan.Below is what needs to be complete. I will attach the rubric, the evaluation form, and the Curriculum Unit. I will also provide the link to the video.1. An outline or agenda for the Professional Development ( One Page 1)2.  The results of the evaluation based on the attached Evaluation Tool.Preview the document3. one page written reflection of your experience delivering this PD. Including an analysis of the results of the evaluation. (Page 2)

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Professional Development Plan
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