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Hi, am doing a group project, we did contact a company by email using open ended response. I will provide you with the questions we did send them and their replies, then the proposal that we wrote, then the executive summary, and now we are doing the final paper of the project, am doing phase 3 which is collecting data, and phase 4 which analyzing data. I will attach the book example to see the format of how to do a similar phase, its chapter 9 page 251-253.


AND PAPER RUBRIC, please skip the presentation part


Elin Francis- Administrative Assistant

How long have you worked for Luxury Beach Realty?

-2 years

List all of your major responsibilities.

  • Answer phone calls- take message and deliver message to the intended recipient
  • Help agents that come in with scanning, faxing, or any other questions
  • Respond to emails
  • Sign up new agents within the company
  • File receipts, bills, and all other documents within correct folders in filing cabinet
  • Make sure the office is kept clean and tidy
  • Manage the content of the main website
  • Manage the CRM system for recruiting

Why are these responsibilities important for your job?

-These responsibilities help the office to run smoothly and help the company grow.

What qualities are necessary to make you successful in your job?

-The qualities that are necessary for success include and ability to multitask, problem solve, work under stress and accomplish tasks.

When was the last time you had training, what was it?

-July 2017. We had office training on “Appfiles” (our document management/compliance software)

What does a ‘typical day’ include?

A typical day would include answering the phones, responding to questions, solving problems, taking client calls and helping clients in the home buying or selling process. I can also expect that my day will not be the same as yesterday, every day is different. 

Do you use the internet for work related tasks? Do you use the internet for non-work related tasks when “on the clock”?

-Yes and yes.


Gordon Francis- Recruiting Manager

How long have you worked for LBR?

I have worked for LBR for 2 years. I have been in real estate for 18 years. It is a company that I believe in and will promote our concept to other agents.

List all of your major responsibilities;

Prime responsibility is recruiting agents that fit into our target range of agents. Promote the company to all agents and in the process reinforce the concept of 100% commission to the agents..

Working with the agents that we have to ensure they are receiving the help and tools they need to do their business in an efficient manner.

Marketing our company to the general population of agents, and promoting the 100% commission concept while offering the services that the other high commission companies are providing.

Help guide the the direction of growth for our company.

Why are these responsibilities important to you?

As with any company the most important issue is generating income, the rest will follow. In this company the success is based on the amount of transactions that we close. That is our major source of income. That can only increase in 2 ways. 1. is getting more agents. 2. Making the agents we have more productive. It is important to me because I have a direct impact on the success or failure of the company. That is the importance of my responsibility. 


What qualities are necessary to make you successful in your job?

This job like real estate in general is a relationship business. You should be outgoing and friendly to all the people that you meet. It is important that they like you. “ All things equal people do business with people they like. All things not being equal, people do business with people they like”. Also like any sales position, persistence is a good quality. Unaffected by rejection is a good trait for this job. Also like any sales job you must believe in your product, and have the passion to convince others that is the best thing for them.

When was the last time you had training? What was it?

We learn something every day! The format training that I have had was the continuing training for my real estate license. Training comes in various ways. Some of the best training is experience. That is why all companies want to know the past experience of an applicant for employment. Their experience is an indicator of what they know about their particular area of expertise.

What does a typical day include?

Phone calls, entering notes into the client tracking program, Thinking of new ways to reach more agents and get our message out.  It could include an interview with an agent that is considering joining the company. 

Do you use internet for work related tasks? Do you use the internet for non work related tasks when “on the clock”?

Without internet this business grinds to a halt. So yes I use the internet on a daily basis. As far as non work related use of the internet, occasionally I check my emails. Anyone that says they do not use the internet for non work related issues during work hours is treating the truth recklessly. (at least at this company, I am pretty sure it is quite common.)

Kadie Francis- Administrative Assistant & Recruiting Assistant

How long have you worked for Luxury & Beach Realty?

3 years

Major Responsibilities


  • Design recruiting email weekly
  • Adding the new productive agents to the recruiting email weekly
  • Sending out a follow up recruiting email weekly
  • Importing all the information into pipedrive to share with Gordon weekly

-In office assistant

  • Answer phone calls as they come in
  • Fill out task charts daily
  • Clean office as needed
  • Answer emails assigned to me 
  • Greet people as they come in the door

Why are these responsibilities important for your job?

For recruiting it creates efficiency and help the company sort through the potential agents.

For in the office it frees up the time of the Office Manager and others within the office.

What qualities are necessary to make you successful at your job?

  • Ability to use a computer
  • Ability to learn how use new software 
  • Being approachable to those calling or walking in the door

When was the last time you had training, what was it?

July, updated recruiting training.

What does a typical day include?

While in the office I do things that I am assigned to do for that day and would do the recruiting that I do out of the office stated below.

While out of the office I do not work everyday and the hours vary but I do my recruiting tasks as assigned such as designing and sending out the initial email on Monday. Nothing is required tuesday. Wednesday – Friday sorting through the list depending on the amount and then send the follow up email.

Do you use the internet for work related tasks? Do you use the internet for non-work related tasks when on the clock?

Yes, the recruiting is all online

Yes sometimes with permission sometimes not

Zee – Office Manager

How long have you worked for Luxury Beach Realty?

3.5 years

List all of your major responsibilities.

Compliance for the office. (Review paperwork submitted by the agents & prepare Disbursement Authorizations for closings)

Meet with agents who struggle with paperwork, software, mls, marketing listings.

Transaction management for in house sales.

Cleaning the office.

Manage and maintain closing & 1099 spreadsheets for the office.

Coordinate presentations & training sessions for the office.

Respond & file company emails.

Prepare & send weekly email to all agents.

Administrative support for the agents and the broker.

Why are these responsibilities important for your job?

It ensures the quality of service to the agents and clients are constantly exceeding their expectations.

What qualities are necessary to make you successful in your job?

Commitment, reliability, positive attitude, honesty, communication, creativity, knowledge of the Real Estate business, great personality, education.

When was the last time you had training, what was it?

Appfiles software for compliance.

What does a ‘typical day’ include?

Review emails, respond, tag and file away. Compliance review paperwork submitted by the agents and prepare any DA’s requested. Answer phones, agent and client questions as well as help walk ins. Be ready to shift responsibilities & priorities for any special project or agent situations that may arise throughout the day.

Do you use the internet for work related tasks? Do you use the internet for non-work related tasks when “on the clock”?

Yes most of the workday. Yes, with permission.

Julie Simpson – Broker

What keeps me up at night as the Broker?  

1. Have our public reputation damaged. Through the actions of one of my real estate agents. Example wire fraud

2. Profitability / Market shifts / Industry trends – my revenue is derived through my agents monthly fees and their sales. Ex. recently Hurricane Irma hit Florida.  Prior to the scare starting my company had 70 transactions closing in Sept. Our actually closed 23. Ouch.  What happens now? Were the transactions extended? Did they cancel from fear? Damage? How will this affect our volume going forward? What do we do to prepare for the shift?

What do I think I am doing well?

I think I have a natural knack for running a business, vision and growth. LBR was incorporated 10/30/14. LBR will be four years old this month and we currently are projected to close $750,000,000 in 2017. I think I have done a good job growing and adapting to changes and working with the unforeseen one. I try to learn from everything. I am surrounded with some very good help.

What can I do better?

Managing staff is my biggest challenge at this time. We are a large company with 186 real estate agents in 4 counties but run on a small staff of 4. I have problems with staff getting along and working together, communication,forming a team.  I lose my mind when something falls through the cracks because an employee thought it was their job. 

What have I tried in the past? I tried personality profiles and reassigning responsibilities based on natural abilities and likes. That was helpful and allowed us to move forward. 

I have tried implementing a team meeting once a week to keep us connected and keep tabs on projects, and highlight goals. This has worked to move us forward but I get limited feedback from one employee and another who comes with his own agenda. This takes meeting off track, wastes time and ruins the flow that would create action. 

What would I like to see my employees improve during the day?

Love the company and protect its time. The company pays for 40 hours a week per employee. Everyone needs to be doing their very best in those 40 hours to keep us healthy and growing. I find even the employees with the big goals get caught up in the time wasters. Unproductive agents who call repeatedly, sales people who come in for no reason other than` a social call, long interviews with agents who do not meet our standards. Time wasters.

What are 3 Goals 

1 To have 250 agents doing at least 5 transactions per year

2. Have the bugs worked out of our recruiting systems so they are automated and more effective.

3. Be able to open another brick and mortar office. I cannot move forward with this goal until the first two had be achieved. 



Preliminary Findings

This is what we noticed while reviewing the information submitted by the employees of Luxury & Beach Realty: employees using their cell phones during work hours and employees doing non-related work tasks during work hours. Employees are using their cell phone for personal calls and texts along with using their phones as entertainment while on the clock with is a waste of company funds. Also employees are using work time to do non-related work tasks results in a lack of productivity and also is a waste of company funds. The combination of using cell phones and doing non-related work tasks without permission is abusing the freedom the employees are granted and is using up company money without completing their work.

Main Focus Point

After an extensive review, we have determined that the main focus point for this assessment will be about cell phone usage. Specifically, non-work related cell phone usage during normal business hours. In our data gathering survey, we have noticed that management has a “ask for permission policy” when conducting non-work related tasks using cell phones. However, some employees have stated that they can use cell phones for non-work related tasks and thus unaware of such policy. Surely, the employees are okay with using their cell phones for non-work related entertainment. However, the company does not benefit from this issue. In fact, the company could face negative consequences due to a lack of productivity and other factors that are influenced by cell phone usage. Ultimately, we want Luxury & Beach Realty to be a successful company with minimal issues. Therefore, we will develop an assessment plan (more information below), analyze the data collected, and draft a final assessment report to the manager.

Assessment Plan

We will be using the job and task analysis to conduct the assessment which will focus more on the responsibilities, and particular tasks in different jobs ( such as: usage of phone calls …etc), Also, identify the knowledge, skills, tools, and conditions that an employment should have to adapt, manage, and develop the job substantially. This will clarify to the company a significant and wide picture of how things are organized, or how an employee could evaluate him/herself with the amount of job done, and what skills and tools are needed to upgrade their competency. While also hiring agents is one of the company’s main targets, using job and task analysis will help with recruiting by the right person by evaluating their educational standards and experience. 

Intended Deliverables

By asking both employees and the broker open-ended questions via email, we were able to get a sense of some mutual problems within this business. The value of asking open ended questions is that they are susceptible for personal interpretation which can incorporate meaningful answers, which is what we recorded from your company. In the future, we might have a few more questions for you and your employees to help better understand and essentially help resolve the main issue within your company. At the end of our research, we will provide a detailed executive summary specific for Luxury and Beach Realty!



The first phase of the needs assessment gathered preliminary data about the sensed needs. The outcomes of this phase provide the foundation for phase 2 of the needs assessment. The goals, process, findings, and recommendations for this phase are summarized here.


1.      Establish a transparent and trustworthy relationship with Luxury & Beach Realty.

2.      Determine whether and how the usage of cell phones for non-work related tasks along with unnecessary computer browsing affects Luxury & Beach Realty’s performance.


The needs assessment process for this phase included the following steps:

1.      Interview employees, brokers, and managers by conducting open-ended questions via email.

2.      Summarize each interview, review with interviewee, and ask additional questions.

3.      Identify performance gaps, review industry data that relates to the issues brought to light, and brainstorm possible solutions.


1.      Efficiency could be improved by avoiding using the cell phone or browsing the computer for non-work related purposes.

2.      Interviewees recognized that there is a problem in communicating with the agents among themselves and with their manager.

3.      Lack of consistency and knowledge among employees concerning the cell phone and web browsing policy.

4.      Supervisors and employees need additional knowledge and skills in time management in order to achieve the strategic goals.

5.      Non-training needs that should be addressed to improve performance include enforcing phone and web browsing policies and improving communication throughout the organization by establishing loyalty, create trust, and provide feedback.

Recommendations: The results indicated that, for Luxury & Beach Realty to achieve its strategic goals, the employees along with supervisors need additional knowledge and skills in time management and policy enforcement. To improve performance most effectively, non-training needs should be addressed at the same time. We believe possibly implementing more rewards for the employees could have a positive effect. Rewards such as employee of the month, top seller of the month, employee who made the most calls etc. We also believe that it would be beneficial to hire/promote people to management positions to be in charge of the Daytona, Orlando and Naples offices and have those managers then report back to the main office in Saint petersburg. This will create a more smooth process and allow for the employees to have their own separate manager instead of 250+ employees reporting to your office.