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  • Address, at a minimum, the following:
    • The legal protections afforded to consumers by these bodies
    • The rules/laws/regulations that these bodies apply/enforce to provide those protections
    • The steps that are taken to investigate/enforce violations of consumer rights
    • The penalties that may be imposed for violating these rules/laws/regulations
    • The “real” impact and significance of their activities on U.S. commerce
    • Cite 3-5 cases along with brief, case summaries to present examples of how at least one of these bodies (and their rules/laws/regulations) has protected a consumer.
    • Anything else that you can add

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Follow the appropriate rules for citation as they apply to your discipline
    • APA for business students
    • Uniform Bluebook of Citations for paralegal and legal studies students
  • To fully address the main points of this Act, at least five pages would be required (not including cover page or reference page)
  • At least five credible sources are required (i.e. scholarly or professional, not wiki sites)
  • Submit as a Word Document, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Point Font with 1″ Margins
  • To upload your paper (i.e. like email attachment), click the title Project above.