****public speaking question**** | Business & Finance homework help


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****public speaking question**** | Business & Finance homework help
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1. First, considering what is perceived as “humorous” or “offensive” varies greatly, how can you determine if the anecdote or story you want to use during your presentation  is appropriate for or tasteful to your audience? Second, when thinking about the organizational structures discussed in chapter 8 (see course material below), explain which you find the most and least useful and why.

Course material: Bryski, B. & Hall, T. (2017) Public speaking for success: Strategies for diverse audiences and occasions (4th Ed.) Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil.

ISBN: 978-0-7380-5986-0

2. Think about introductions and conclusions. Typically, students struggle the most with these two components of presentations which tend to be very important as they set the tone for the rest of the speech and the closing “sticks with us” at the end. What do you think makes an effective and/or ineffective introduction?

2. How do you think a speaker can get an audience involved in an informative speech? Even though these speeches are fact based, what role does emotion play in an informative speech? At what point does emotion change an informative speech into a persuasive one?