Public Speaking

Written Assignment 3: Persuasive Speech Evaluation MUST watch the video: in the mind of a master procrastinator FROM THE ABOVE TED LINK After watching a persuasive speech from the Most Popular TED Talks of All Time, write a 300- to 500-word analysis (1½ to 2 pages). Be sure to reference (in a bibliography using APA format) the speech you watched and answer the following questions pertaining to the speech. [MO4.2, MO4.3] How does the speaker open the speech? What works well in his or her introduction? How is the speech organized? Does it flow smoothly? What are the main points and are they clear? What facts, quotes, stats, or stories does the speaker include? How does the speaker use emotion? How does the speech utilize vivid language? Provide an example. How does the speech end? Is the speech effective? Did it persuade you?

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Public Speaking
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