Qualitative and quatitive analysis of two stocks in the same industry

The requirements of this project is that the paper be between 8-10 pages, to include a Title and Reference page, References must includes in APA format and cited within the document.

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  1. Description: item 1 of 3Do a quantitative and qualitative analysis of Smith & Wesson Holding Co (SWHC) and Ruger Sturm Ruger (RGR), and their industry (Firearms).


    • Description: item 1 of 2Quantitative analysis – analysis MUST include the following financial ratios: quick ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, long-term-debt-to-equity ratio, inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover, average collection period, gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin, return on stockholders’ equity (ROE), earnings per share (EPS), price-earnings (P/E). Annual percentage growth trends (most recent five years) for sales, net income, and earnings per share, must also be included.
    • Description: item 2 of 2Qualitative analysis – analysis must include information gathered from published reports (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Money Magazine, Internet sites (e.g., Yahoo!), television (e.g., Financial News Network) and any other sources that include market analysts’ opinions regarding the companies and their industry.


    1. Description: item 2 of 3Determine which company you would recommend as the better investment for an investor whose objective is long-term capital growth.