Question : this assessment is intended to familiarize students with

QUESTION : this assessment is intended to familiarize students with the real – life financial issues faced by corporations . each individual student will maintain a file or portfolio of financial issuses from the newspapers or reliable media over the period between the beginning of the course and the submission date . actual articles or news items need to be printed off and filed and thefolio needs to be submitted . a total of 8 articles are requrie .

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beneath each article or news item , students are requrie to provide

– the full source of the article

a brief summary of what is in the article and an analysis and dicussion , linking the event with the knowledge acquired in class. please refer to the feedback table for the area that students will be assessed upon . your response to each article should be around 100 words.

marks will be firstly depend on the way studens identify the link between the news articles and finacial theories and concepts learned in class . secondly , students need to demonstrate analytical skills where they find similarities and differences between the way financisl concepts are addressed in class and how they are adressed in the articles .