Radical Ideology in America

Jewish Defense League (JDL)InstructionsIn our course materials, we are introduced to the concepts of political and religious radical ideology. Access the following link, Bomb Explodes in Capitol Building, reviewing the events presented in This Day in History presentation of the Weather Underground.After completing your review, explore incidents of radical ideology in American history (recent or otherwise) that have resulted in violent extremism.Select an event or particular group from your research.In a brief, 4 to 5-page (not including cover, abstract, or reference page) paper discuss the incident or group you have selected, specifying the type of radical ideology motivating the acts or organization.Include a summary of the major associated events and outcomes, discussing whether the identified goals were met.Discuss the final results leading to the demise of or continued rise of the movement or group.Close by sharing your thoughts about any significant information you learned in your research on radical ideology in America.Include a minimum of four (4) scholarly sourcesPapers should be formatted in APA style, including separate title and reference pages that are not counted in the 4 to 5-page minimum. In-text citations are required in addition to the reference page.

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Radical Ideology in America
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