Regulation and Health Policy

One of the assumptions of value-based care is that if consumers are aware of the price, then they can make better decisions about the health care services they receive. In an effort to encourage this efficiency in health care, government regulation and policy has been designed to promote transparency of quality and cost information. For this Discussion, examine the following scenario and consider how regulation and policy on hospital cost transparency might improve economic efficiency. Scenario: On behalf of consumers, employers, and local purchasers in your market are committed to slowing health care costs by improving visibility on hospital prices. A recent media story revealed that prices in your local market were the highest in the state. You are a member of a private sector consulting service that has been hired to help a hospital address transparency issues. The hospital would like to be more transparent in its cost and fee relationships with providers. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the provided scenario. What are the advantages of transparency for both the hospital and the consumer? How might hospital cost transparency improve economic efficiency? Consider current (last 5 years) regulations and policies to compare hospitals based on their costs. Locate and review the literature to support your recommendations.

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Regulation and Health Policy
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