Relation of prices of the call and put and stocks

Part 1: Respond to the follow:

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Navigate to the Yahoo! Finance Options Center at Next, in the search box at the top of the page, enter a publicly traded company (note, avoid penny stocks and thinly traded companies; instead, search for large publicly traded companies to ensure you find sufficient options for it). Click on the Options tab in the center of the page to review your company’s calls and puts. Select one in-the-money call or put and one out-of-the-money call or put. Indicate in your response the company you selected, the current stock price, the strike price for each of the two options, and which is in and which is out of the money. Briefly explain why the prices of the call and put of your selected stock are related.

*** At least 75 WORDS *** 

Part 2: Respond to the follow classmate’s discussion:

“MSFT Microsoft

Stock Price $152.32

In the money call

Strike Price 96.00

Contract Name  MSFT|20191129|96.00C

Out of money put

Strike Price 96.00

Contract Name  MSFT|20191129|96.00P

The price on the call and put options are the same in the case for Microsoft. The reason is that the stock price is higher than the strike price for the call or put. The call is less because you would have a positive result if buying the stock so it is in the money, the put is less as well as it is out of money because this would cause a loss if selling the stock.

*** At least 50 + WORDS ***