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Develop and submit an outline for your research paper.    Your outline will be 1-2 pages when complete. 


You are to write an research paper dealing with an INTERNET SECURITY, PRIVACY,  or ETHICS ISSUE that interests you, and has not been resolved through legislation, or other legal means.

You can choose to write it as a research paper on the topic itself, or a research paper with a theme of “for or against” the topic you choose.  A “for or against” paper will still have research completed but will have research that gives support for, and research that gives support against your topic.  In either situation the last paragraph will be your stance/opinion on the subject. 

The minimum word count for the paper is one thousand (1000) words. You must include a cover & reference page and have in text citations (minimum of two outside sources (these are not counted in the 1000 words). Follow APA guidelines for your paper

Your discussion of the issue must cover:

1. The Internet privacy/eithics issue;

2. Why the issue exists;

3. What is being done to address the issue, and

4. What you think should be done to resolve the privacy issue. (This is the final paragraph only)