Research Proposal

Project Part 1 – Introduction1.Select a topic and frame a research question (SOCIOLOGY)2. Discuss why the topic is important3. Posit a hypothesis4. Review the existing literature and provide atleast 9 citations linked to your research question5. Explain why your hypothesis expects a similar or different result from the literatureNotes-1: project is to be done in Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, with one-inch margins.  Appropriate citations are required and can be APA, Chicago, APSA, MLA, or any style you choose, so long as it is consistent, and includes BOTH in-text citations AND a bibliography/references section.Charts and graphs larger than 5 lines of text are expected to be included in an appendix. You will be graded on content, including adequately discussing every component of the research, as well as understandability, including grammar and spelling.

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Research Proposal
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