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Which philosophical worldview most closely aligns with your perspective and the way you view problems in the world? How So?

The philosophical worldview which most closely aligns with my perspective is the Pragmatism philosophy. I have always tended towards being a very practical person because I believe in looking at the real issues as they are and not how we would want them to appear. This way the solution would solve the real problem without having to declare a hollow victory solution. The research anatomy of the solution would have the components to address the various facets of the issue. It would have bases in factual logic and subjective (including Christian) evidence. Depending on the issue or problem under consideration the research could have differing combination doses of either. There is respect for both viewpoints of the researcher and the participants. Biases of many forms are therefore minimized and a less than holistic solution avoided altogether. Pragmatism inherently allows for the maximum flexibility as there can be any combination amount of qualitative or quantitative approaches to the collection of data and its associated analysis. The mixed approach solution fits the research rather than determining a solution and then attempting to find an applicable research question.

Of the four philosophical worldviews, which ones are aligned with the qualitative methodology?

Strictly speaking, all four philosophical worldviews have some degree or qualitative content methodology. However, it is the predominant degree of qualitative and or qualitative methodology which is the benchmark to determine how each of the four philosophical worldviews is ultimately categorized or labeled. In this regard, (Creswell, 2014) pp18 Table 1.4 clearly notes that Constructivist and Transformative worldviews are Qualitative; Postpositivist is Quantitative; Pragmatic can be both qualitative and quantitative, hence its classification as Mixed.

How does your understanding of the connection between philosophical worldview and research methodology assist in your research approach?

There are three aspects of a research framework which together consists of a single group of three research approaches: Qualitative; Quantitative; Mixed. Two of these aspects are (1) the philosophical worldview, consisting of Constructivist and Transformative worldviews which are Qualitative; Postpositivist which is Quantitative; Pragmatic, which can be both qualitative and quantitative, hence its classification as Mixed and (2) the research method which includes all types of research related questions, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation (Creswell, 2014) pp 5, Figure 1.1.

The favored worldview philosophy of the researcher will consequently determine the research approach (qualitative, quantitative, mixed). Each respective research approach, in turn, has its own bias corresponding to the quantitative vs qualitative and mixed methods refer (Creswell, 2014) pp 16, Table 1.3). to see the comparison regarding research questions; data collection; data analysis; interpretation.

Compare/contrast philosophical worldview with that of a Christian worldview. Are there any areas that are problematic, or do most philosophical worldviews appear to be congruent with a Christian worldview?

A worldview is an all-embracing perception of the world from a specific viewpoint which guides our actions accordingly A Christian worldview is consequently an all-embracing perception of the world from a Christian lifestyle and beliefs viewpoint. When we conduct any research whatsoever, as Christians we are duty bound to do so through a Christian lens. The Constructivist and Transformative worldviews are Qualitative; Postpositivist is Quantitative; Pragmatic can be both qualitative and quantitative (mixed). In this regard, Postpositivist because of its scientifically reckonable and quantitative background is therefore inherently incongruent with a Christian Worldview. However, the other three worldviews, Constructivist; Transformative; Pragmatic because they all encompass qualitative descriptive communication, can, therefore, be compatible and harmonizing with Christian worldview beliefs and actions.