Résumés and keywords | Business & Finance homework help

1-  Prepare a basic résumé using any of the templates or styles it can be either functional or chronological. this link showing you the  differences between  functional and chronological:

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Résumés and keywords | Business & Finance homework help
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2-  Go to either or and enter the title of a job you would like to have (financial analysis, marketing communications manager, graphics designer, computer analyst, etc.) 

 Pick any job from list and write a list of keywords from BOTH the job description AND from the website of the company that posted the job. Be sure the put the job title and the name of the company at the top of the list. 

3-  Modify your résumé to focus on those keywords. Do NOT invent skills that you don’t have, just rearrange the résumé  to show the particular keywords that apply to you and might help you get the job. 

Note:  When writing about objectives.  I recommend reading this article before you put together your résumé.  Objectives aren’t necessary in a résumé, but if you want to include one be sure it’s well-written. ( I uploaded)