Retirement planning ira | Business & Finance homework help

Answer the following classes with a 50 or more word count, word times new roaman 12

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Retirement planning ira | Business & Finance homework help
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1.    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to using a traditional IRA, including when it may be advantageous to use a nondeductible IRA.


2.    Discuss the various situations in which the 10% federal penalty does not apply to early IRA distributions.



1.    Discuss when and how a Roth IRA may be a more advantageous choice than a traditional IRA.


2.    Discuss situations in which an individual may not be allowed, or may not wish to use, a Roth IRA for retirement planning.



1.    Discuss the application and implications of nondiscrimination requirements for qualified plans.


2.    Discuss qualified plan funding requirements and the implications for plan sponsors.



1.    Discuss reasons for making premature withdrawals from qualified retirement plans along with reasons why these withdrawals are taxed and often penalized.


2.    Discuss required spousal benefit provisions, including QDROs. Include potential hardships for either spouse as a result of these provisions. Also discuss what would likely happen if these provisions were withdrawn.




1.    Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and tax implications of estate and retirement planning with qualified plans and IRAs.


2.    Discuss rollovers versus keeping the plan.


3.    Discuss required minimum distributions after death.


4.       Discuss estate planning for qualified plans and IRAs