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Your answer is incorrect. Try again Robert invested $1,000 in large US stocks at the beginning of 2012. This investment earned 17.00 percent in 2012. 32.50 percent in 2013, 13.50 percent in 2014 and 1.30 percent in 2015. What return did he earn in the average year during the 2012-2015 period? (Round answer to 2 decimal place .g. 1.52.) Excel Template (Note: This template includes the problem statement as it appears in your textbook. The problem assigned to you here may have different values. When using this template, copy the problem statement from this screen for easy reference to the values you’ve been given here, and be sure to update any values that may have been pre entered in the template based on the textbook version of the problem.) Return earned in the average year 27.01 Click if you would like to show Work for this question: een Show Work. Get Finance homework help today