Revolutionary Mothers

Revolutionary MothersRevolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence by Carol BerkinCarol BerkinCarol Berkin’s work brings light to the contributions of women during the American Revolutionary War. These valiant women came from different classes, countries, races and social statuses. Most importantly, Berkin’s work gives us an inside look at the intricacies of these women’s lives and roles during a turbulent time of our country’s history.First, discuss the social status of women in colonial America (what some male leaders felt their roles were etc.) and what roles women played in and outside their homes. Second, as hostilities escalated, how were women put in the crossfire during early days of the war, what roles did they play in their homes and how did this differ based upon their class and affiliation as a patriot or loyalist? Third, how did women’s treatment and roles differ based upon their race (Native American or Black)- What roles did women play towards the war effort on both sides (be specific)? In what ways did these women show valor and poise during the war? Last, at the conclusion of the war, in spite of the major roles that women played, did their participation open doors for equal treatment and social equality for them? What issues related to gender equality still persist in American society that have root in the colonial era?Your Essay Should:- Be a minimum of 4 paragraphs (students aiming for a more detailed essay and higher grade will have much more).- All questions posed through the prompt should be adequately addressed using information from the text.- Please indicate page number using parenthetical citations for direct quotes. ex. (Berkin, 8)- Make sure that your answer is thoughtful, insightful, and thorough.- Make sure that you use your own original thoughts and do not cut and paste.- Make sure that you use as many examples of multiple women’s lives as possible by explaining their experiences as they relate to the prompt.- Add a works cited page with the full citation of the book (use Chicago Manual of Style Online for format)*** Your paper will be evaluated based on the criteria above.***

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Revolutionary Mothers
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