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Katie a daycare owner. Wants to extend the hours of operation for convence of theemployees on the military base that will be opening other jobs soon. The plan is toopen a second location that will cater to weekend and aftercare hours as well. Katiewill continue working at the primary location, however a director for the newlocation is needed. She has two applicants: The 1st is Shawn, she has a bachelor’sdegree with experience, but not in a supervisory. 2nd is Elizabeth, she does havesupervisor experience with a degree in elementary education, she also has acertificate in Pre-K. Both are good candidates and Katie feels will work for hercompany. (Cassidy, Kreitner, & Huss, p. 61)

1. What will be some of the new director’s responsibilities?

The Director’s responsibility will include, everyday operations of the business,maintaining files, preparing statements for the parents, maintain the coderequired by State, setting up the curriculum for the facility, and work schedulesfor the employees.

2. What are the most important skills for the applicant to have?

Experience is most important, specifically supervisory. Although supervisoryexperience in daycare is not a must, it helps that they know how to managepeople, and employees under them.

3. Describe the type of person Katie should hire.

Katie should hire someone that has patience with kids. This person should be quick on their feet to handle situations that arise. They should pay strict attention to detail. They should have a willingness and dedication to the business as it may require late hours.

4. What interview questions should Katie ask to help her determine which isthe better candidate?

How does the experience relate to this job?

What qualities do you bare that associates with this position?

Why do you think you’re the best person for this job? 

5. Whom would you hire: Shawn or Elizabeth? Why?

Elizabeth would be my pick, I feel her credentials makes her the best option.Although, daycare center isn’t her expertise, she has supervisory experience,which is needed to oversee the day to day operations as director.

6. In what areas will Katie need to provide training for this new person?

Hands-on training in child development. She would need to sit in classrooms toget a feel of the day to day interactions with teachers and children, this is toensure she comfortable with children. Also she will have a hands on training ofthe day to day operations of her position workingBeside me for a period of time.