RH incompatibilities

Compose a 4-5 page research paper related to Nursing IV content.                                 (The title page and reference page do not count as part of the 4-5 required pages.) Identify a Nursing IV topic that has been impacted by current research.  (Refer to guidelines below on how to narrow the focus of the assignment). Integrate results of research into the nurse’s role to achieve best possible outcomes. Incorporate correct APA formatting into the assignment including: Cover page In-text citations Reference list  Guidelines Choose a topic of interest related to Nursing IV content (avoid obscure topics). Browse research related to the topic.                                                                        (Publication dates for research must be within five years.) Read what your textbook has on your topic. (Use the most recent edition of the textbook- Flagg & Pillitteri.) Narrow the focus: Choose two nursing articles that focus on one aspect of your topic. One of the two articles must be a nursing research article (Review your topic with your clinical faculty.) 5. In the body of your 4-5 page research paper: Introduce the topic and what your focus is to be.  Discuss the nursing research article.  Integrate the information from the two articles with supporting information from your text book. Here’s the important part – Discuss the implications of the research on the nurse’s role. For example, discuss how the research impacts: Safety Communication Education Challenges Interventions Nursing Care                            End with a summary. Use correct APA format throughout the paper.  Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.             (See “Expectations for Written Assignments” p. 33 in Nsg IV packet.)  Draft is also needed4338834 minutes agodraft is needed and NEEDS 2 NURSING JOURNALS

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RH incompatibilities
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