Rita Crundwell

Please don’t repeat the questions and answers in a  paragraph  1. Who are all of the people at fault for this situation and why? 2. What does the evidence tell you? What kind of mistakes did the auditor and others make? 3. What are some policies and/or procedures that could be put in place to help avoid situations like this in the future? 4. If you were asked to defend Rita Crundwell in court, how would you do it? I am looking for a devils advocate here. 5. (alternate) If you cant answer #4 above, then discuss what you think may have led her to this point. From opportunity, to rationalization to financial pressure, it looks like all elements of the fraud triangle were present. How did these issues contribute to her eventual demise? 6. How did Rita try to justify what she had done? Please click the link to watch the sources  https://youtu.be/KkBJJSWN_lw https://youtu.be/2UkXhc2pPA8  Rita Crundwell – Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting.pdf

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Rita Crundwell
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