Ru by Kim Thuy

• Select 1 chapter from the first 50 pages of the novel “Ru” by Kim Thuy and respond to the following prompt:   Identify the purpose of this chapter within the context of the entire novel (i.e. does it develop a thematic idea, character, contextual understanding, etc.       Using the “purpose” as your guiding argument, you will then analyze the chapter for authorial choices (devices, structural features, etc.) that have been used to communicate the purpose you have established. You must use a PPA (Point-Proof-Analysis) paragraph model for your response.  3 examples (different devices) should be identified and analyzed.   A structure such as the following should be used:           1 – Topic Sentence – establish the purpose of the chapter                       2 – Contextual understanding – briefly provide the context for your chapter (Where does it take place within the narrative?  Previous events/future events that are linked to this chapter.)            3 – Analysis – Introduce each piece of evidence, embed the evidence within a sentence, analyze the evidence in relation to the chapter’s purpose (what effect does this authorial choice have?)Devices you might focus on…-        Rhythm or cadence.-        Punctuation.-        Sounds of words.    a.      Alliteration.    b.      Assonance.    c.      Sibilance.    d.    Onomatopoeia.-        Diction. (how to describe the word choices – examples: abstract, academic, cold, casual, poetic, nostalgic, romantic, technical, vulgar, jargon, etc.; consider the denotative and the connotative meanings of chosen words)-        Structure.-        Syntax. (short/long sentences, types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, compound-complex, declarative, exclamatory, interrogative, imperative)-        Vocabulary.-        Imagery.    a.      metaphor    b.      simile    c.      symbol-        Semantic fields (categorization/collection words related to each other through similar subject/concept/ideas/ – examples: violence, love, science, innocence, gardens, nautical)-        Tone (writer’s attitude/feeling on the subject; examples: fearful, sharp, allusive, hollow, cold, sentimental, didactic, objective, mocking, detached, vibrant, etc.)-          Mood

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Ru by Kim Thuy
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