Sampling design and data collection instrument

Student describe the population of their study, sampling method,

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sample size and how they will contact their participants.

Based on your chosen research topic, research problem and

questions, develop a sample design and data collection

instrument (either a questionnaire or an interview guide) that can 

appropriately address the research questions. There should be

a minimum of 10 questions. You must use relevant literature to

show the relevance of your questionnaire or interview guide.

Student identifies ethical considerations and address them

You may follow the outline below;


Provide a summary of your research problem and state your

research objectives and questions

Sampling design

Describe the population of your study, sampling method, sample

size and how you will contact your participants. Provide

justifications for your decisions

Data Collection Instrument and design

State clearly the data collection instrument you will use to collect

your data. Show how you designed the instrument and how it

addresses the research questions by matching the instrument

questions against the research questions. Attach the data

collection instrument as an appendix

Ethical Implications

Address any ethical concerns that may arise from the participants