Schizophrenia Diagnosis

The first 3-5 pages (excluding title page, abstract, and reference pages) need to include:* An APA style title page on page 1  * Remember, you are not required to use a running header, but if you do include one it needs to be formatted correctly    * You DO need to include page numbering* A draft of your Abstract on page 2     * This should be a short paragraph, approx. 4-6 sentences at this point* Starting on page 3, you need to have 3-5 pages of outlined information including ALL of the following:    * 7 Sections: Introduction, DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria, Incidence & Prevalence, Theoretical Perspectives, Treatments, Case Study, Conclusion        * You can have additional sections or subsections as needed, but the 7 above must be included at a minimum.    * Each section needs to include a properly formatted section header and have a multi-level bulleted list of the information you plan to use in that section.        * NOTE: The information in this assignment description is a great example of what your outline should look like in terms of the multi-level bulleted list! Also check out the sample outline linked here for another example. * The last page(s) must include your full references page(s), with a minimum of 10 APA style formatted references (at least half must be peer-reviewed journal articles, not websites). Articles should be from 2010 or later.The next 5-7 pages need to include written content, NOT including your title and reference pages. This should be a shortened version of your final paper and should include the following sections with properly formatted section headers: * Title page in APA format* Abstract (on its own page)* Body of the paper:    * Introduction    * Diagnostic criteria    * Prevalence and incidence   * Theoretical approaches to understanding the causes of the disorder    * Treatment approaches    * Case study    * Discussion or Conclusion* References page(s)Finally Submit final draft of your 8-12-page (not including title and reference pages) paper on your chosen diagnosis from Module 1. Your final paper should include the following sections with properly formatted section headers:* Title page in APA format (page 1)* Abstract (on its own page – page 2)* Body of the paper (starting on page 3 and continuing until you hit the references section):    * Clinical presentation (What do the symptoms associated with the disorder look like?)    * Diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5    * Prevalence and incidence rates    * A review of theoretical perspectives on causes of the disorder (along with empirical support)    * A review of treatment approaches and outcome studies (along with empirical support)    * A case example/study    * Conclusion* References page(s)

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Schizophrenia Diagnosis
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