Self and Personal Agency

Students will compose an essay that presents an arguable position about an issue regarding the self and personal agency, as they are interpreted in global contexts (DSS 200.3). The goal of a position paper is to convince the audience that the argument/position presented is valid and worth listening to. This is an academic, formal essay written to an academic audience. The essay will be formatted as in APA style as a “student paper” in Calibri 11 font, with a minimum of 3 academic sources.This paper should begin with an introduction where the student clearly lays out a position of their choice.  This introduction should:get the reader attention with a hookinclude a thesis that unambiguously picks a sidepreview the main points in support of the claim of the thesisNext, the paper should have two or three reasons (supported by evidence, emotion or logic) that the claim of the paper is correct.Following this support, the paper must lay out a brief counter proposal with an explanation of its reasoning: (for example: “some people may claim X because…”).  After presenting this counter-position, the paper must show why this alternative view is incorrect.Finally, the paper should conclude withReiterating the main points of the paper (including the defeated counter argument)Restating the thesisConcluding with a memorable final thought.

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Self and Personal Agency
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