Shall I Compare Thee

Shakespare’s “Shall I Compare Thee Poem” AnalysisIn this essay, I would like for you to utilize critical thinking tools and dive into  the  deeper  meanings  of  one  of  these  poems,  and  you’ll  want  to analyze  what  the  figurative/poetic  language  is  doing  within  the poem  (such  as  a  specific  metaphor,  simile,  hyperbole,  etc. I  would suggest  just  choosing  1-2  specific  examples).  Some  sample  questions you may ask yourself would be:What is the primary theme/tone of the poem? Does  the  language  assist  the  theme?  Are  there  any  repeated  words, images,    metaphors,    similes,    hyperboles,    etc.?    What    do    they accomplish/why do I believe they are used?Is there a specific symbol that accomplishes something here? What does it do & how?I would like for you to compose a 3-5 page, double-spaced analytical paper that explores the potential of this topic, and I would like for you to  have  an  introduction,  body  paragraphs,  and  a  conclusion.  You  will need  to  use  specific  examples  within  each  body  paragraph,  and  that means  in-text  citations.  1  integrated  quote  from  the  poem  per body paragraph is mandatory (no more than two, and no block quotes).

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Shall I Compare Thee
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