Shortfalls of not having Enough Medical Workers

As this well-known HRSA report on healthcare workforce analysis predicted, several states and specialties will experience a shortfall of trained medical workers. Recent confirmations of such shortfalls have been reported by and  Although shortfalls of trained medical workers are not uncommon, they become concerning when linked to the highly concentrated geographical distribution of healthcare providers (as discussed at  The pairing of concentration in services and shortfalls may leave large geographical areas devoid of needed medical services.  Therefore, it should not be a surprise that current research focuses on such shortfalls and potential remedies. Goal.  Your goal is to create a 5-page APA-formatted illustrative essay showing the potential effects of shortfalls of trained medical workers and potential/proposed remedies.  Strive to illustrate the shortfall as a problem and then summarize two or three proposed actions hoping to alleviate shortfalls.

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Shortfalls of not having Enough Medical Workers
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