shorthanded in your department and you get approval to hire four

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You are very shorthanded in your department and you get approval to hire four people. You need someone who can start right away and there are eight people who can start immediately. They all possess the skills required for the job. The position does not require customer contact. The eight are: 

A. a recent immigrant from Mexico in his mid-30s with a green card (green card is slang for the Legal Permanent Resident card). 

B. a 69-year-old man who hasn’t worked since he retired three years ago. 

C. a well-spoken, confident guy who just successfully completed two years’ probation after serving a one-year prison sentence for a drug conviction. 

D. a 25-year-old guy with dyed black hair, multiple tattoos and piercings, who just graduated from the local community college. 

E. a woman who volunteers the information that she is an unemployed single mother of four young children and really needs a job. 

F. an 18-year-old high school graduate (Honor Roll student) wearing jeans who is applying for her first full-time job . 

G. a well-dressed woman with intermittent work experience who volunteers the information 

that she has multiple sclerosis. 
H. the 22-year-old nephew of the company vice president 

Answer the questions in 2-3 pages, single-spaced, 11 pt. type, citing specific laws and/or ethical issues. Identify the applicants by their letter and/or brief description. 

1. What is your assessment of each of the eight applicants? In other words, what judgments do you make about them? You already know each can do the job and can start work right away. 

2. What are the issues? Identify and discuss all the legal and ethical issues associated with each applicant, using what you learned in your chapter and do research on the web if necessary. 

3. Which four do you hire and why? Which four don’t you hire and why?