Skills and Strategies

I HAVE UPLOADED A DOCUMENT PRESENTED BY THE PROFESSOR THAT YOU CAN USE. YOU CAN ALSO USE YOUR PREFERENCE IN THIS PAPER. BE SURE TO CITE REFERENCES!! Apply skills and strategies presented in this lesson to develop a plan for teaching from “Little Things are Big” (reading/interest level 4-6). Your plan must involve a minimum of 4 reading comprehension strategies.This assignment is NOT asking for a formal lesson plan (although you are welcome to submit one if you desire).  It IS asking you to select 4 of the comprehension strategies discussed in the lectures or that you’ve identified through your own readings and describe exactly how you will use this text to explicitly instruct students in how to use that strategy to improve reading comprehension (focus of the lesson is the strategy, not the text).  A simple listing or description of activities that use the strategy is not a sufficient response.  I’m looking for your method to actively engage the students in using the comprehension strategies (“the teacher will” focus, not “the student will”). ALSO BE SURE TO CITE YOUR REFERENCES!!

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Skills and Strategies
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