Small Business Owner

For this assignment you will interview a small business owner, and then write an essay that includes the following elements:The Business (5 points)Name of business and its location (city, state)Name of business ownerBrief description of products and services the business offersLength of time (years) business has been in operationCopy of business card (attach a photo of card with submission) or link to its websiteQuestions (10 points)What market does the business serve? Local? Regional? International?How has current economy affected the business? (In general terms. Be respectful of confidential and proprietary information.)Does the business encourage socially responsible behavior? For example, does it donate time or money to any charitable causes? How or in what way?Identify at least one challenge faced by the business.What type of technology does the business use daily? How dependent is the company on information technology? Has their reliance on technology increased over the years?What piece of advice would the business owner give to someone thinking of starting his or her own small business todayYour Observations (10 points)Describe the key take-aways learned after interviewing the business owner. What observations do you have?Analyze how the economy plays into the role of a business owner.Does this assignment make you think of business ownership differently? If so, how?Small Business Interview (1)Criteria    Ratings    PtsThe Business5 ptsFull Marks3 ptsMissing some information5 ptsQuestions10 ptsFull Marks8 ptsMissing some information10 ptsYour Observations10 ptsFull Marks4 ptsMissing some information10 ptsTotal Points: 25

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Small Business Owner
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