Small Businesses

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS   1.     Each question must be answered in 3 PARAGRAPHS OR MORE. 2.     Focus on providing excellent quality and content.  3.     Please use proper reference citations. Take the time to research is unfamiliar with how to cite references. 4.     In addition to other information sources, also refer to articles, videos, etc. which are posted in Canvas when referencing.  5.     State (highlight) the question you are answering.  6.     If you don’t know the definition of the word “list”, please look it up before completing the assignment.  7.     Must have a work cited page . 8.     MUST BE SINGLE SPACED.   State the complete question first, then your answer.   ANSWER ALL OF THE 10 QUESTIONS   1.     What external sources are usually used by small businesses for finding new employees?    2.     How would you define (or explain) good employee relations?    3.     Explain some of the more important general factors which help determine a good location choice for a business.    4.     Many times, employees do not practice good customer service. How would you control the quality of this type of service?    5.     “If a small firm is making a profit, there’s no danger of its failing.” Do you agree? Why or why not?    6.     What are the top 10 reasons most small businesses fail?   7.     Review and discuss the Visu Thembekwayo video which is below. Copy and past think link to YouTube.   8.     What are some essential things a small business owner must consider before launching a business website?    9.     From the recently posted assignment SBM Videos 2021 (posted under announcements), choose any 3 videos to analyze and discuss. Best Small Business (Free) Innovative Loss Prevention Tactics Prevent Employee Theft Business Bankruptcy Explained   10.  List and discuss a minimum of 10 things you have learned about managing a small business in this course.

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Small Businesses
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