Social Media Analytics Overview of NetFlix

Portfolio Project designed to demonstrate knowledge of the marketing research process, business analytics use, and the ability to identify specific examples or actions of strategic planning activities. Create a social media analytics overview of a company (NetFlix). Select a company (Netflix). After identifying all of its social media profiles, download data analytics about the online presence of the organization. You can use some of the following tools (and others) to download digital information regarding social media profiles: TweetStats parsehub  (Links to an external site.) Union Metrics Hashtagify  (Links to an external site.) Wordclouds Google Trends After downloading all possible data, check and analyze each data file to assess the effectiveness the company’s social media communications and to identify their main messages. For example, you can perform a content analysis or create a word cloud from the social media text data, while the data from Facebook or Instagram can be used in a correlation analysis. Then, write a paper that presents information on all the steps followed and your findings from the data analysis. Include one visual that summarizes the key findings of your analysis. Based on these findings, formulate recommendations on how this business can improve its marketing strategy in the future. These recommendations should take into consideration ethical and legal aspects of digital data in a global economy. Your paper must be structured with the following headings: Executive Summary (max. 1 page) Introduction Organization Description (1-2 paragraphs) Presentation of Data Sources (1-2 paragraphs) Overview of Data (1-2 pages) Data Analysis and Results (1-2 pages) Findings (1-2 pages) Recommendations and Conclusions (1-2 pages) References Appendix (Include major tables and information that would be too comprehensive to include in the body text of the paper.) Your paper must meet the following requirements: Be 8-10 pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages (which you must include). Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings. Cite at least six to eight credible sources, such as peer-reviewed articles, books, or documents from the government or established professional organizations.

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Social Media Analytics Overview of NetFlix
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