Social network 5-8 page paper


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Social network 5-8 page paper
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Instructions for completing the Final Paper: 5 page minimum

  1. Please select from one of the following topics, which are addressed in the course textbook, Introduction to Computer Literacy: 
  • Social Networks  (covered in Chapter 7)

Return to the textbook and review the pages in the chapter that pertain to your selected topic. Next, log in to the Ashford University Library and conduct a search on that topic. 

  • The INF103. tutorial will walk you through the basic steps of doing a search for scholarly articles within the Ashford University Library.  A transcript of this video can be accessed through your online course.

Select two scholarly articles to use in your paper. For each article, write down the author information, date of publication, title of the article, the publication information (journal title), and the database from which you retrieved the article. You will need this information when you create your references for the sources. Begin the writing process. You are going to compare the points of view offered by these authors (the author of your textbook and the authors of the two articles you have selected) on your selected topic, and then offer your own point of view based upon your analysis of the readings. 

  • The Ashford Writing Center (AWC) offers assistance with the writing process. The AWC contains many tutorials and offers online guides for how to develop an academic paper. Click on the Writing Center link under “Learning Resources” in the left navigation of this course to visit the AWC.