Structural Frame and Human Resources Frame

Session Long Project (SLP)Write a 2-page paper (excluding title page and reference list) that includes the following components:A.    IntroductionB.    Create a two-column table that includes the components of the structural frame and human resources frameC.    Reflect on the interaction of the structural frame and the human resources framea.    Select one case study (Beth Israel or Ford Motor Company) related to a restructureb.    Select one human needs theory (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or Theory X and Theory Y or Argyris’ Personality and Organization)c.    Respond to the following questions:i.    What aspects of human needs should Joyce Clifford or Allen Mullaly consider during a restructure?ii.    In your opinion, what is the potential negative or positive impact of considering human needs during a restructure?D.    Reflect on how the structural frame or human resources frame is useful to you in your current role as a leader or managerAPA Reference

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Structural Frame and Human Resources Frame
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