Sula Book

Sula Online Version: Directions:  In a well-written essay, answer the following prompt. Be sure to cite and analyze textual evidence to support your claim. How does Sula conflict with the inhabitants of Medallion and the Bottom while asserting herself as a unique individual?  For your essay, think of the situation when Sula tells her grandmother that she wants to create herself. How does she accomplish this feat of self-creation?  What is the effect on Sula when she hears her mother say she loves her, but does not like her? Is it ironic that Sula “helped others define themselves” (95)? Since “[t]hey believed that she was laughing at their God” (115), she certainly helps the town define evil.  Why is her “indifference to established habits of behavior” (127) a reason for the town to hold her in such disregard?

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Sula Book
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