Sustainability and Organisational Context

Explain and motivate why sustainability and organisational context has become the key business challenge of the 21st century.Prepare a proposal to the Senior Management of your organisation on the topic of contextual strategy for your organisation. You will be expected to provide:1. A background as an introduction2. In the main body of your proposal:2.1. Explain and motivate why sustainability and organisational context has become the key business challenge of the 21st century.- Here you may consider referencing resources such as the World Economic Forum Global RiskReport, the Scientific Consensus for Policy Makers, the Planetary Boundaries, Wellbeing Economy or Doughnut Economics models. You may want to view these through the lens of the SDGs.- Consider a subsection on the global context and a subsection on your national or business specific geography context. What are the issues or systemic risks in the world today facing business leaders? What are the issues or systemic risks specifically facing your business in the contexts where you operate?- Consider a section on why and how business leaders need to shift from logics of disparate or intertwined (or shared value) to logics of nested dependency. The Marcus et al 2010 paper might be useful mentioned in class slides, or the recent Embedding Project guide on Embedded Strategies.2.2. Propose a well-considered and synthesised business case for action in response to 2.1 in relation to your own particular area of responsibility in your business / sector / industry and/organisation.- Focussing on one or more of the issues or systemic risks identified, clearly articulate why you have chosen to strategically respond to this issue/risk and why is of strategic relevance to your organisation.- Imagine that senior leadership of your organisation is reading this assignment, how will you communicate to them the strategic relevance of the issue/risk? And how will you summarise at a high level the value of your proposal?2.3. Choose and apply suitable frameworks and tools from the course to link sustainability and organisational context to your daily operations and management functions).- Here you can choose one or more of the frameworks we have explored during the module (or otherwise) to provide some structure to your proposal.o If you are looking to articulate a strategy on a specific issue/risk, consider using the Embedded Strategies guide – If you are looking to embed approaches to sustainability across your organisation, consider using the Embedding Framework – If you are looking to align your strategy to the SDGs, consider using the SDG Compass – If you are proposing that your organisation take clearer positions on issues so that new work can be legitmated in those fields, consider using the guide to position statements – If you are proposing a strategic partnership to realise your proposed strategy, consider using the guide on partnering for community resilience – There are a lot more tools and frameworks available on this page under each of the practices: If you have other tools or frameworks in mind, welcome to check in on their relevance to support your assignment- Outline a clear proposal or plan for how you are going to develop a strategy to respond to the issue/risk you have identified. Guide the reader through from start to finish, and make clear the principles that are guiding your thinking. For example, you may recognise that co-articulation of the challenges the identified issue/risk and co-creation of pathways to addressing the identified issue/risk may strengthen the likelihood of success so be clear about this as well as the actions that you would propose to take (e.g., including a group of internal and external stakeholders from the early stages in a series of workshops to better understand, own and solve the challenge).2.4. Make specific reference to your role as a leader in building an organisation that will be more resilient and competitive in the face of present and future sustainability challenges.- Throughout the assignment and in a section towards the end, reflect on your personal leadership and change agency role in leading the work you are proposing in this assignment. 3. A conclusion detailing a summary of main arguments, with clear recommendations.· Refer to all sources used using the APA referencing method.

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Sustainability and Organisational Context
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