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Assessment Task Description

This assignment is comprised is a single academic paper discussing a case, and is marked out of 20 marks.

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The marking rubric below sets out the requirements:

Principally you will be marked on four components:

  1. What happened with regards to LM including why LM was audited given its nature and the law covering which organisations require an audit.
  2. Legal issues both from a statue perspective (corporate law) and other legal issues.
  3. Ethical issues
  4. Format, Presentation Quality and Demonstration of Research (10marks for each component)

As mentioned above, Part 1 should be presented in a academic paper format.

A key aspect in your choice of format/layout should be to ensure you impart your key messages effectively (i.e., complete the requirements) and efficiently (i.e., it should be succinct and take into account the word limit).


Discuss the underlying reasons behind the appearance at the Company Auditors Discipline board of Reginald Williams .

Couch your discussion to cover the four points indicated above.Get Accounting homework help today