Tax benefits in four cities

Lawrence, Kansas-Medium

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El Paso,Texas- Large 

Nashville,Tennessee- Medium 

Moreno Valley, CA. – Medium

1.    All states, except for KS, NY, PA, MD and Iowa annually charge property tax equal to 2% of the 

depreciated cost of the equipment.

2.    Assume a Sales tax rate 7.5% -for all states on all property excluding land.  Assume that the 

States of TX, MD, IN, AK and TN exempt manufacturing equipment from Sales tax.

3.    States will charge 2% tax annually on the market value of land and buildings.  Assume that 

original cost equal market value when computing the tax.

4.    NY and TN will provide an investment tax credit equal to 5% of the cost of the investment 

excluding land in the new plant.  This will be a reduction to the income taxes in the year the 

plant becomes operational.

5.    Assume income tax State rate of 8%

6.    Assume a federal income tax rate of 21%

7.    Texas will offer a $5,000 grant for each new job where the pay is at least 150% of the minimum 

wage and it includes benefits.

8.    The States of GA, KS, AR, TN, NY, PA, FL, TX, MD, IN and MO will reduce the property taxes by 

60% if there is a minimum of 50 new jobs.

9.    IN will provide as a grant – the refund of state income taxes on payroll wages in the year the 

payroll taxes are paid.

one and half page, double space, times new roman 12