Taxonomy of Evidence

Taxonomy of Evidence Presentation on how covid has affected athletes mental and their physical health.Writing Instructions: (x2)Using the library databases, locate a scholarly, scientific source.Your source should be, at minimum:*Published within the past 10 years;*Authored and published by credible, qualified professionals; andReliable, truthful, and correct in content*Critically read that source text. As you read, highlight the author’s use of evidence. Pay special attention to the way the author integrates evidence from outside sources.Create a visual presentation.Slide 1: Include a title for your presentation and your name.Slide 2: Present your research plan.Slide 3: Give context for the presentation by providing a full APA citation of the source text and summarize the source text in 5-8 sentences.Slides 4-14: Locate the BEST example of each type/category of evidence from your source text and showcase the evidence into its correct category. Use parenthetical citations when quoting the source. And in 2-4 sentences, explain how the quote fits within that specific category.Check your work for concision and clarity. Presentations should present a lucid explanation of the evidence. Remember: you’re writing in a small space! Communicate the most amount of information with the smallest amount of text.Submit your clear, concise, and fully cited Taxonomy of Evidence PowerPoint to this assignment submission page.Things to remember:Audience – Your reader has not read your source. Apply concepts of Plain English when describing complex content and providing contextual information about your source.Cite – Any graphics, recordings, or words/language/ideas that are not your own MUST be documented (via citation) within the presentation.Visual Rhetoric – The presentation should be visually-engaging. Using free templates is fine, but consider the page design and layout and the purpose of your document specifically. The visual design of your page should enhance your rhetorical goal – not impede it. Use of color, graphics, and varying font type/sizes is recommended.

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Taxonomy of Evidence
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