Texas Government Critical Thinking

Part 1:Discuss the political culture of Texas. Choose one region of Texas from the map attached  below:In the writing, answer these questions:- What are 3 demographic or historical attributes of your chosen region?- What are 3 political attributes of your chosen region?- How does the region compare to Texas as a whole, demographically and politically?- Pick a large city in the region and discuss whether the county where that city islocated voted the same or different from other parts of the region in the 2020presidential election.Part 2:What role did Texas play in the 2020 Presidential Election?In the writing, answer these questions:- Texas voter turnout in the presidential elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016 asexpressed in the percentage of voting-age individuals- Texas voter turnout in 2020, as expressed in the percentage of voting-ageindividuals- What was the percentage of votes cast in early voting vs. on November 3, and what thatthe percentage could mean for future elections?- What is your opinion about what a democratic presidential candidate would needto do in order to win Texas’s electoral votes? (Choose whatever!)Thank you in advance!

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Texas Government Critical Thinking
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