Text and Music

Answer the following questions in 3-5 paragraphs each.  Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin (DIFFERENT than the rubric for weekly responses):  *Make sure to respond to ALL aspects of each question! Read each carefully!*  1. Compare the relationship between text and music in the following works: 1) Hildegard of Bingen’s “In Principio Omnes” from Ordo Virtutum, 2) Cruda Amarilli by Claudio Monteverdi and 3)  “Per quell vago boschetto” from L’Euridice by Jacopo Peri. (10 points)
 For each piece discuss: 1) What is the nature of each composer’s approach to text-setting? 2) What is the musical texture (or textures)? 3) In what way does each composer use characteristics of the music to highlight certain aspects of the text (for example text-depiction or text-expression?) Cite two specific examples from each piece, using time-stamps.  (Check the class glossary on Canvas for a specific definition of the highlighted terms. Translations of the text for each work are available in the modules on Canvas.)  2. Compare the role of publishing in the life, career and legacy of the composers Barbara Strozzi and J.S. Bach. Draw from the assigned readings, as well as material discussion in lecture and your own ideas. Make sure to include parenthetical citations for any quotes or ideas drawn from the readings. (10 points)  3. Drawing on assigned readings, discuss the following: 1) the development of Gregorian chant as a codified style of chant in the Catholic church and the development of notation 2) the development of the printing press and the increased popularity of amateur music-making (ex: the madrigal). In your response, discuss two musical examples of each. Make sure to include parenthetical citations of any quotes or ideas drawn from the text. (10 points)

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Text and Music
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