The Book Frankenstein

Answer the questions referencing the attached file and the book Frankenstein.1. In The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes: “Now, as men cannot create any new forms, but only combine and direct those that exist, they have no other means of self-preservation than to form by aggregation a sum of forces which may overcome the resistance, to put them in action by a single motive power, and to make them work in concert.” With this claim do you think Rousseau would agree with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and his ambition to create a new life? If not, please explain why. In your analysis, make sure to discuss and provide examples from Shelley’s novel and also state which edition (1818 or 1831) you reference.2. In the “Ninth Epoch” (p. 164) of Outlines of a Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind, Marquis de Condorcet defines his account of history in terms of how reason forms “itself slowly by the natural progress of civilization,” although subject to impediments caused by “superstition” and “despotism”. Based on the assigned texts for week 4, how do you think the 1789 French Revolution would play a role, if at all, in this “natural progress of civilization”? Provide examples from both secondary and primary sources from week 4.

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The Book Frankenstein
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