The Constructivism

In this assignment you are replying to a discussion board post below. The originality verification needs to be less than 17%. You are to cite all references you use. You do not have to write the assignment like a formal paper, it is a discussion board post, similar to a forum. With that being said, please give educated and proper responses as to why you agree or disagree with the post.  The reply needs to be in 2 – 3 strong paragraphs.   Discussion Board Post:   Piaget’s theory of equilibration is essential for growth through his stages of childhood development (Driscoll, 2016).  He postulated children will eventually notice that their understanding of the world conflicts with new information (“Functional invariants,” 2006).  Once aware that the new information does not match their previous knowledge, the child feels uncomfortable and is motivated to develop a new, higher level of understanding (“Functional invariants,” 2006).   Part of achieving equilibration is to adapt existing understanding and knowledge to fit new information, known as accommodation (Driscoll, 2016; “Functional invariants,” 2006).   Educators must generate the discomfort of disequilibrium to facilitate learning (Driscoll, 2016). The instructor should also help the student accommodate their current schema to accept the new information and fit it into their world view.  The curriculum should present information that causes disequilibrium and then solutions for the learner to learn the new information.  This interaction allows the child to see that their existing schema is lacking and to accommodate the scheme to fit the new information (Driscoll, 2016).  The classroom should also offer opportunities for children to interact with other children solving the same problem, as the feedback gained from the social interaction can solidify the validity of the new schema (Driscoll, 2016).  Additionally, it is helpful for the learner to consciously recognize the disequilibrium in their current world view to seek out new information (Driscoll, 2016).  Questioning the learners’ assumptions allows them to think critically about the solution and assimilate the information.   Malcolm Knowles’ concept of andragogy says that adult learners have different learning needs than children.   Adults have extensive experience to draw upon and need to understand why it is important to learn a particular concept to meet their educational goals (“Knowles’s andragogy,” 2007).  Additionally, adult learners are usually learning something new for a specific reason, such as to complete a particular task or improve their career (“Knowles’s andragogy,” 2007).   It is essential to recognize their previous experience when educating adults and how the new information will fit within their existing knowledge schema.  The same concepts of introducing disequilibrium and accommodation apply, but the educator needs to make the new information relevant to the learners’ circumstances.     References Driscoll, M. P. (2016). Psychology of learning for instruction [American Intercontinental University]. Functional invariants and: Equilibration assimilation accommodation. (2006). In R. H. Schaffer, Key concepts in developmental psychology. Sage UK. Credo Reference: Knowles’s andragogy, and models of adult learning by Mcclusky, Illeris, and Jarvis. (2007). In S. B. Merriam, R. S. Caffarella, & L. M. Baumgartner, Learning in adulthood: a comprehensive guide (3rd ed.). Wiley. Credo Reference:

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The Constructivism
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