The Discovery of the Asylum

After reading the assigned readings posted on Blackboard under Topic 1, answer the questions below.  To receive the full 50 points, your response must be a minimum of three but no more than five pages, double-spaced, numbered, using a 12 point font, and one inch margins.  Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a one-letter grade deduction per infraction.  The total page count does not include your name, the reiterating of the question, nor the reference page.  This paper must follow the APA (American Psychological Associations, fifth edition) format, and it must not exceed five pages, written text. You must place you name either on a separate title page or on the top left hand corner of the paper.  In addition you must include a reference page and cite (where appropriate) within the text.  What were the reasons that Americans in the Jacksonian era constructed and maintained correctional institutions to confine the deviant members of the community?  What were the two major models used and what were they expected to accomplish?  How was this different from the colonial period? By the end of the Jacksonian area, how did the reformers deviate from their original plan? (3-5 pages).

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The Discovery of the Asylum
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