The firm like to finance

The firm like to finance its assets with 50% debt and 50% equity. They are planning to invest in a project which will necessitate raising new capital. New debt will be issued at a before-tax yield of 12%, with a coupon rate of 10%. If the required rate of return on the firm’s stock is 15% and its marginal tax rate is 40%, whats the firm’s cost of capital.
The Seattle Corporation has been presented with an investment opportunity which will yield cash flows of $30,000 per year in Years 1 through 4, $35,000 per year in Years 5 through 9, and $40,000 in Year 10. This investment will cost the firm $150,000 today, and the firm’s cost of capital is 10%. Assume cash flows occur evenly during the year, 1/365th each day. What is the payback period for this investment?
Seven Eleven Stores is planning an expansion project that it desires to finance with newly issued preferred stock. The firm has an outstanding issue of preferred stock that pays a dividend of $4.25 per share, which is trading for $65 per share. The investment bankers have advised Seven Eleven that flotation costs will be 8% per share. What will be the cost of the newly issued preferred shares?

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The firm like to finance
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