The Future of Technology choose The future of technologymust have a title page•2 – must have a short summary (synopsis page•3 – may be argumentative or informative, but over 1500 words•4 – must have a bibliography (resource) page•5 – resources should include the following: 2 articles; 1 reference material (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc…); 1 book; 1 internet source•6 – MLA style•7 – 12 ft Times Roman font –that means TYPEDContents•Page 1-title page : include title of paper, your name, date, class (English IV period 2), 3rd Quarter, Seminole High School, Ms. Richardson-McGhee•Page 2-synopthsis: one paragraph between 5-10 sentences summarizing what is about to be read (you should write this last)•Page 3-5 depending on how much you might write- the research paper•Page 6 – Bibliography : MLA, alphabetical order, total of 6 or more sources•You may have a picture but only on the title page.Body Paragraphs•Introduction•If an argumentative paper-Body paragraphs with claim and cite the evidence with elaboration. You will need at least 3 or more pieces of evidence to prove your claim. That should put you at 2-3 paragraphs in your body.•If you choose to write an informative paper- Body paragraphs will have central idea and evidence with elaboration. You will need 3 or more pieces of evidence to prove your idea.•Your claim or central idea should be easily found in either your introductory paragraph’s last sentence or in paragraph 2.Bibliography Page RulesAlphabetical Order by author’s last nameMLA formatDouble spaceNumber your sources

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