The Impact L1 Has On L2 Lexical Acquisition

The final paper presents the final results of your project. It should include the following:  • Introduction – Provide a clear articulation of your hypotheses, discuss why your question is linguistically interesting, and relate your work to previous findings in the literature.  • Methods – What data did you use? What did you you search for? How did you code the data? etc.  GNP (Genesee-Nicolaidis-Paradis) – which is from the bilingual coupra The age range is 1;2-4;0 5 participants It was a naturalistic study   Location was Canada • Results – What did your searches reveal? Describe your data clearly and provide appropriate examples. Be specific in your description – provide counts, graphs, or other relevant statistics. Use appropriate linguistic terminology and formalism in describing the data.  • Discussion – How can you best explain your results given the types of theories we have discussed in class? How do the results mesh with other studies that have considered similar questions? What are some limitations of the current study? How might you expand your study to address the remaining questions?  • Bibliography – Provide complete references for all works cited.

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The Impact L1 Has On L2 Lexical Acquisition
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