The Necklace and The Story of an Hour

Read the attached passages and answer the questions. No citing necessary . Question 1: Once  Mathilde from “The Necklace” loses the necklace she has borrowed, what — if any — change does she experience? In answering this, consider her physical appearance, her living conditions and her attitude. Use evidence from the text to support your opinion. What is the surprise ending to the story? What lesson, if any, does the narrator seem to be trying to convey to the reader of this short story?  Question 2: Briefly describe Mrs. Mallard’s immediate reaction to the news of her husband’s death in “The Story of an Hour” and compare it to her reaction to seeing him at the conclusion of the short story. To what do you attribute the manner in which she initially receives the news of his death? What point does Kate Chopin seem to be making with “The Story of an Hour”? Is there a particular sentence or phrase in the story that explicitly states the author’s point?

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The Necklace and The Story of an Hour
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