The Questions of Life

write a 3 pages essay analyzing the proposals of Savater, F. (2006) The Questions of Life, Chapter 6 Freedom in Action, applying one of the approaches studied up to the date (Cultural Relativism, Subjectivism, Social Contract, Utilitarianism. The assignment will test the ability to analyze in depth the proposals of the author, not just understanding his point of view but also on the ability to express clearly the point of view of the student. The writing will be evaluated for clarity and proper handling of terms, phrases, and concepts addressed up to this date. APA OR MLS style will be required A Grading Scale  GRADING SCALE 1.     Quality of the description of the selected theory                                                                                                                                2.     Degree of congruence between the selected theory and the arguments presented.                                                                                                                                3.     Quality and depth of arguments expressing ethical position about this chapter 4.     Quality of APA style citation in the body of the paper and quality of the APA style in the reference section of the paper

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The Questions of Life
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