Therapeutic Modality

Therapeutic Modality Length: 1500 words TotalSubmit in PDFIn this assignment, students will have the opportunity to propose a new therapeutic modality or technique based on the themes of the course. The proposed therapeutic modality or technique should draw from current understandings in psychotherapy, as well as Buddhist theory and technique, but may also include material from cognitive science, neuroscience, philosophy, etc. where relevant and appropriate. Students are encouraged to be specific, creative, and original. Simply sprinkling mindfulness over the recipe is not sufficient. Try focusing your proposal on particular mental health issues or populations. Make sure to explain both the target issue, the technique in detail, the rationale of design, and the inspirations and influences that inform it. Give thought to how your proposed method might be made evidence-driven and tested empirically, and what your hypothesis for outcomes would be. Consider also any limitations, caveats, or concerns that the method might entail, as well as why it might offer advantages compared to existing methods. Use APA style for bibliographic entries and citations.

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Therapeutic Modality
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