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You are recently employed as forensic accountant by the board of director of ABC company. The company is productor of different electrical products. Your first assignment is to check cash and sales forensic, if any.

  1. The beginning cash balance is $12,400. Ending sales balance is $450,000.
  2. Total cash receipts and payments are $187,000 and $136,000.
  3. By checking security video, you found that $3,500 has been stolen by one of cash register clerk during the period.
  4. You reviewed all reversed transactions and you checked with one of the refunded customers by calling directly the customers who denied that refund for $8,135.
  5. Cash register clerk deliberately made a mistake in cash count. The amount should be recorded $3125 but recorded as $1325. No evidence to prove.
  6. By looking at the bank reconciliation statement during the year, you found the cash differences are covered by a personal check of the Clarke for $1500. The check later being cancelled.
  7. Cash register clerk skimmed one of cash sale invoice for $7000. Evidence got find against him.
  8. One of customers sent his debt by mail but the cash stolen from the mail by one of employee. The investigation could not find the employee.
  9. A payment $2,000 to one of suppliers did not ever reach. The suppliers complained about the delay. The transaction already recorded in cash account. Later the money founded.
  10. A of deposit$5,000 in transit to the bank was stolen by one of employee.
  11. The company policy for petty cash is over $500 expenses payment required documents. Two invoices with the amount of $280 and $580 without supporting evidence
  12. One of the company manager used to pay his utility bills by the company cash account. Total aggregated amount is $5,620 but the last bill was detected for $620.
  13. The company accountant tried to lessen tax liability by overstating cash expenses as $40,000. (tax evasion)
  14. One of sales invoice of next year recorded in this year for $8,000
  15. One of sales invoice of this year should be recorded next year $3,000
  16. One of invoice quantity was mistakenly recorded KG2,340 while the correct one should be 3,240. Sale price per unit is $4.


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Total cash receipts and payments Assignment | College Homework Help
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